Personalized Memorial Graduation Photo Pin - Grad Gown Memorial Pin

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This Handmade Custom Memorial Pin, is a unique and personalized gift for him on Graduation Ceremony. Keep the memory of your loved one close to you on graduation day, witness this special milestone. This pin can be worn on your graduation gown.

  • This pin can be used either tor the bride attached to her bouquet, or tor the groom attached to his suit jacket..ts compact size and secure fastening mechanism make it suitable for everyday wear, whether on your lapel, collar, tie, hat, or even as a brooch on a garment.
  • Comes with a matching kilt pin used to attach the charms.
  • There are a few ways to continue to enjoy this charm afterward, use it as a keychain, attach a chain and you have a custom pendant!
  • Color: Silver
  • Size: Pin about 3 in, Charm:2 in
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Joann Cuenca

Personalized Memorial Graduation Photo Pin - Grad Gown Memorial Pin

Tomasina Magistro
Amazing gift

It was absolutely beautiful! The picture of my mother was amazing. The only thing is the needle could’ve been alittle bit longer. It doesn’t fit properly so I had to bend it just alittle bit.

Maribel Duran

This graduation memorial is absolutely beautiful! It arrived quickly and came out perfect. Showed my daughter as soon as it arrived and it made her extremely happy. Highly recommend

Lisa Lacroix

Perfect gift for my daughter graduating college without her godmother

Heather Brack

It’s perfect and exactly what I expected.